Art Nouveau Style inspires our ceramics

6 March 2014

A exhibition on Art Nouveau Style in Romagna

Ceramic Hand painted Vase inspired by Art NouveauOn February 1st, the exhibition “Liberty, a style for Modern Italy ” opened at Musei San Domenico in Forlì, and will run unti June 15th.

Liberty” is the italian term for “Art Nouveau“, the new concept which dominated the cultural scene at the end of the 19th century. Everything from architecture, domestic furnishings to advertising was characterised by sinuous lines and elaborate forms inspired by Nature.

The exhibit is having a great success , confirming a renewed interest in this extraordinary period of Art history.

Faenza and its ceramics play a very important role in this event. In fact, the ceramics on loan from the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza stand out among the several ornamental objects on display. In addition, due to the proximity of Forli to Faenza , many conferences in the context of the exhibition are held at the International Museum of Ceramics .

Besides the collection of ceramics at the Museum, the city of Faenza itself gathers several examples of this exceptional period.  Walking through the streets of the city center, you can admire worderful Art Nouveau architectures and decorations, such as the villas in Viale Baccarini , Casa Matteucci, the Zanotti Pharmacy in Corso Saffi , and the beautiful Hotel Vittoria in Corso Garibaldi.

Why don’t you include Faenza in your Art Nouveau itinerary  in Romagna ?

Art Nouveau and ceramics, a perfect deal!

The new idea of Art Nouveau demands that all aspects of the homes meet the spirit of the time: not only in their architecture but also in their furnishing and decoration. This new tendency has therefore encouraged the development of all forms of arts and crafts. Pottery definitely has a very important role.

We want to share with you our passion (professional, but mostly personal) for this style , which allows many creative interpretations .

Ceramics, thanks to the flexibility of the material and  the variety and brilliance of its colors,  is the ideal form of expression for the Art Nouveau style,  which prefers curvilinear and elegant  forms, inspired by natural elements.

Flowers, leaves, fruits and intertwined branches are everywhere. A recurring theme , for example, is one of the Iris . The Iris is a plant that surprises for the beauty and delicacy of its flowers, and the sinuosity of its stem.

In addition to the floral elements, another frequent motif in the Art Nouveau Style is the female figure. Particular emphasis is given to the face, often denoted by a romantic expression and framed by long hair which create rounded and graceful movements.

This hand painted bowl and vase, inspired by great masters of Art Nouveau perdiod,  include indeed these two elements.

Bowl and Vase in ceramic inspired by Art Nouveau

Ceramic Plates in Art Nouveau Style

The lines twist in an unexpected way, the decorative elements become an integral part of the object. 

Often, in Art Nouveau ceramics,  the decoration sticks out of the surface and becomes a handle, a knob.  This vases are examples of this tendency.

Ceramic Vases inspired by Art Nouveau

A shop window on Art Nouveau

The ceramics of these pictures are displayed in the window of our shop in Corso Garibaldi 12 / A Faenza.

The shop is located in the city center, opposite the Hotel Vittoria (mentioned above), a splendid example of Art Nouveau architecture and decoration.

In addition to the Art Nouveau ceramics, you will find a  a large exhibition of ornamental objects decorated entirely by hand in all the traditional styles of the ceramics of Faenza. In the workshop, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, you will see the decoration in progress and the decorators will show you the techniques of painting on majolica.

Group visits are also possible, free of charge, on request.

Please contact us for any information, we are at your disposal!

We wish you a good visit to the exhibition of Forlì and to the city of Faenza!

If you want to be updated on our new productions in Art Nouveau style  find us on Facebook, and have a look at the pictures in “La Vecchia Faenza” – Ceramica Liberty!


Ceramic Plates in Art Nouveau Style

Ceramic Vases inspired by Art Nouveau