Ceramic Art Cats on Display in Faenza

15 February 2011

The 17th of February is dedicated to the cat, whose discrete and independent nature makes of it an ideal pet.

MaiolicaAn event that started in 1990 February was chosen because is the month of Uranus, planet of capricious and independent spirits, and 17 is linked to superstition and magic.

In Faenza celebrates the feast of the Cat every 5 years and this is the sixth edition. 57 artists will exhibit their “scratching” works at the exhibition spaces by Mirta Morigi, Bottega Bertaccini, ProLoco Faenza, the windows of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena and in some shops in Corso Mazzini. From February 17 to March 17.

The event will be opened at the Bottega Bertaccini,  We will participate with small tiles packed like jewels, decorated with funny kittens, black and white in colors that combine well with the fashion of the moment.

Opening on Thursday, February 17 at 18.00 Bottega Bertaccini, Corso Garibaldi, 4 – Faenza

collane in ceramica