The Cinquecento of Caravaggio and Raphael on display at the San Domenico Museums … and in our ceramic workshop!

31 January 2018 · Categoria Artistic ceramics

“The Eternal and the time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio” is the new exhibition of the San Domenico Museums in Forlì to be held from 10 February to 17 June 2018 in the convent church of San Giacomo Apostolo, freshly restored. The Cinquecento, a century that saw the dawn of the Renaissance and the appearance of a new current, Mannerism, as well as Michelangelo and Caravaggio, will be Rahpael, Parmigianino, Vasari and many others (the list is very long!).

After having filled your eyes with the wonderful works of these artists of the sixteenth century, we invite you to rediscover the same atmosphere by visiting our exhibition of artistic ceramics. The bond between the ceramists and the painters was solid from the beginning, as demonstrated by the works of the great Xanto Avelli (1486-1542), whose ceramics bear the marks of masters of the period such as Raphael, Mantegna and Parmigianino.

We at La Vecchia Faenza, like Xanto Avelli, also have our reference painters who are a source of continuous inspiration. As shown in the painting at the center of this dish, taken from the “Boy bitten by a lizard” by Caravaggio.

pottery inspired by the Boy bitten by a lizard by Caravaggio Read more >>

The celebration of our 50 years together with you!

23 November 2017 · Categoria Events

On Saturday, November 18, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of La Vecchia Faenza: a great achievement that we had the honor to celebrate together with the many authorities present and our customers, some coming from far away.

Your great participation has made us happy, even for this the party was wonderful!

50 anni La Vecchia Faenza: tanti clienti e autorità Read more >>

50 years of ceramics

20 October 2017 · Categoria Events

“I came to the ceramic craft almost by accident: in 1967 I found myself managing a ceramic shop without being a decorator. One of the first employees was Laura Silvagni… ”

These words of Gino Suzzi, founder of La Vecchia Faenza, well tell how our story began. Who could have imagined that young Laura, a few years later, would become Gino’s life partner and, since 2004, would take over La Vecchia Faenza’s guide? The plots of chance and destiny intertwined, giving rise to a reality made of passion for decoration and ceramics, in the wake of a glorious past that made Faenza famous in the world for its beautiful majolica.

Saturday, November 18: toast in the shop for 50 years of La Vecchia Faenza

On November 18, at 16 we celebrate together with wine, roasted chestnuts and donut our first 50 years in business!

At 17 o’clock there will be the cake cut in the presence of mayor Giovanni Malpezzi and deputy mayor Massimo Isola.

We are waiting for you at La Vecchia Faenza, via Sant’Ippolito 23/A, Faenza.

La Vecchia Faenza: 50 anni di ceramiche

Buongiorno Ceramica! is back!

20 May 2017 · Categoria Events

the artisan of ceramics Elisa Suzzi with hand decorated plate Pavona style - La Vecchia Faenza

On 2-3-4 June, the artistic and craft ceramics festival Buongiorno Ceramica! (Goodmorning Ceramic!), promoted by AiCC – the Italian Association of Ceramic Cities, returns to Faenza.

La Vecchia Faenza is the protagonist of two initiatives: a guided bicycle tour and a breakfast in a shop.

Saturday, June 3 – Guided Bicycle Tour

On Saturday, June 3, at 4 pm, the bicycle tour will take place at the workshops and laboratories of Faenza’s historic center.

The meeting is at 16 by Lega Carla Ceramiche d’Arte, Corso Mazzini 74/C. La Vecchia Faenza is the fourth stage of the two-wheeled tour.

Sunday, June 4 – Breakfast in ceramic art shop

On Sunday, June 4th from 10am, we are waiting for you in our artistic ceramic shop, via Sant’Ippolito 23/a, for a special breakfast: coffee is served in hand-painted ceramic cups by our ceramists.

Come and have a coffee, eat a brioche, and bring home the cup!

Breakfast costs 5 euros, cup included.

We are waiting for you!

Art Nouveau and Art Deco ceramics

30 March 2017 · Categoria Artistic ceramics

Spring is the season when nature renews itself. We too have decided to renew ourselves, alongside our production of traditional ceramics with some pieces inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Unlike traditional ceramics, for which the designs and patterns are inspired by the pottery of the past, these are inspired by the paintings of the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century.

Source of inspiration were also the recent events and exhibitions at the International Ceramics Museum (MIC) of Faenza and the San Domenico Museum in Forlì, dedicated precisely to the liberty and deco styles. Two styles for the temporal proximity mingling into each other in a pleasant alternation of sinuous lines and square shapes.

Here you can observe two plates and three eggs painted with delicate colors and figures of romantic inspiration. The dishes, 30 cm in diameter, are one of the most common and representative forms of our ceramics; the eggs have been achieving in the vicinity of Easter and can become valuable and original centerpieces for your living rooms.

The first course depicts a cat in an imaginary garden. The cat, as well as a pet beloved, always fascinates and surprises for being wild but outgoing, smart and sweet at the same time. In the colorful ceramic eggs next to the plate, you can see two women in attitudes otherwise evocative of love and romance.

Piatto con gatto e due uova con figure di donne, ceramiche di Faenza Read more >>

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