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How are your artistic ceramics produced?

The biscuit, that is the terracotta modeled on a lathe, is produced by the Faenza potters. In our laboratory the biscuit becomes majolica through the application of the glaze, the decoration with a brush, the application of the crystalline and finally the firing at high heat in the appropriate oven. If you want to learn more about the Faenza majolica technique, read this article.

How long does it take to make a majolica?

It depends: the smaller pieces require a few hours of work, as the size of the piece grows it also increases the time needed to decorate it. But the most decisive factor is the decorative style: Raphaelesque majolica, in particular those with scenes and characters, require weeks of work to complete.

But are they really all done by hand?

Yes, all our ceramics are hand-decorated in our workshop; even if an article is produced in quantity, every single piece is made manually from beginning to end.

Do you also make custom decorations?

Yes sure. We can decorate the pieces starting from practically any image. We have decorated plates and other types of ceramics based on drawings, photos, images taken from the web, etc.

Do ceramic colors change over time?

Majolica colors do not fade or erase over the years, but remain unchanged, maintaining all the brightness and intensity of the first day.

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