Ceramic: a perfect Christmas Gift!

14 November 2014

Christmas is coming! At La Vecchia Faenza we’re creating new hand-painted ceramics, ideal as gifts for family and friends!

Here you have some ideas for your Christmas gifts, small and large works of art that will enrich your homes.

All of these ceramics are hand-made in our workshop, in Faenza’s city center, and their production strictly follows the centuries-old tradition of Faenza.

Each of our ceramics is the result of great skill and patience: each object is carefully decorated by brush and fired in a kiln at very high temperature. The decoration can take up to several hours, even days!

Giving a ceramics of Faenza as a gift means giving an object that contains centuries of experience, passed down from generation to generation until today. A ceramics of Faenza is a great example of Italian craftsmanship.

Our Shops in Faenza’s city center

Our two shops “La VecchiaFaenza” and “Laura Silvagni” are located in the historic center of Faenza, a short distance from each other, and a short walk from Piazza del Popolo, the heart of the city.

La Vecchia Faenza
Via S. Ippolito 23/A, Faenza (RA)
Tel 0546/26907
Laura Silvagni
Corso Garibaldi 12/A, Faenza (RA)
Tel 0546/663077

We will be open from Monday to Saturday at the usual times, and every Sunday of December.

At La Vecchia Faenza, in Via S. Ippolito, you will also be able to visit the workshop where you can watch the decorators at work!

Maps of our stores in Faenza

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If you do not have opportunity to visit our beautiful Faenza, take the time to visit our e-commerce or contact us via email: we can ship your gifts everywhere!

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See you soon and happy holidays!

La Vecchia Faenza: artistic ceramic shop