Faenza celebrating with the District A Weekend and Buongiorno Ceramica!

7 May 2019

The third weekend of May, the center of Faenza and our ceramics workshops will be the protagonists of a series of high artistic events!

District A Weekend – 17-19 May 2019

distretto a weekend 2019 a Faenza
On Friday 17 May the twelfth District A Weekend begins, the festival of the highly artistic district. This year the theme is GraziePrego (Thanks/You are welcome): kindness that brings a smile, an accompanying hand, one more word rather than one less. On Friday evening there will be the traditional Itinerant Dinner: more than 50 stops to eat and drink among installations, exhibitions and artistic performances. Saturday continues with Art & street food, with events, tastings, dining in courtyards, balconies, lounges.

Sunday morning we are waiting for you at La Vecchia Faenza (via Sant’Ippolito 23 / a) for Breakfast at the Shop: from 9 to 12 you can enjoy a good coffee and a freshly baked croissant from Pasticceria Flamigni served on a hand-painted saucer made by our ceramists for the occasion. The cost of breakfast is € 5 and includes the saucer!
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colazione in bottega La Vecchia Faenza 2019

Buongiorno Ceramica! 18-19 May 2019

Simultaneously with the District A Weekend, Faenza hosts Buongiorno Ceramica! (Good morning Ceramic). The feast of Italian ceramics will touch 40 cities of ceramic tradition, among which could certainly not miss Faenza.

Saturday May 18th our shops La Vecchia Faenza (via Sant’Ippolito 23 / a) and Laura Silvagni (Corso Garibaldi 12 / a) will be open from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 19 to show you the works of our production and how a ceramist works, from the enamelling to the cooking of the pieces.

On Sunday 19, in addition to the “Colazione in Bottega” in La Vecchia Faenza, you will find us at the Faentine pottery market in Piazza Nenni (Faenza) from 10am to 8pm. Also in Piazza Nenni, from 18.00 the Ceramist Aperitif will be held the wines of the hills of Faenza to be sipped in the exclusive glasses decorated by hand by the ceramists of Faenza.

Discover all the events on www.buongiornoceramica.it