Hand painted ceramics for Valentine’s Day

5 February 2014

On February 14,  the whole world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, the holiday dedicated to those who are in love! La Vecchia Faenza plays its part with some new creations inspired by the romance and poetry of this festivity!

Valentine’s Day is above all the day when lovers are reminded  to express their feelings by exchanging  gifts, chocolates, cards or flowers.

We were inspired by Valentine’s Day to paint a series of new ceramics whose main element is the color Red, the color of love and passion.

Also on this occasion, the history of Faenza’s ceramic has provided us with many suggestions.

In this centerpiece with snake handles, hand painted in Raffaellesco style, it  was enough to add a touch of red to come out with a unique synthesis of tradition and novelty. In its center it is represented a Putto, which since ancient times is the childish figure of Eros, the God of Love.

Centrotavola in ceramica con manici a serpe e scatola Centrotavola in ceramica con putto al centro

We also wanted to give a new interpretation to very ancient symbols such as the Winged Heart, a symbol of perfect love and spiritual union, and the Key, which no longer opens a door, but the heart of your loved one!

Cuore Alato e Chiave dipinti su oggetti in ceramica Scatole e oggetti ornamentali in stile classico

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Scatole Cuore in ceramica con decori tradizionaliScatole e cornici in ceramica con decori tradizionaliStatuina di innamorati in ceramica foggiata e dipinta a mano