Italian pottery for United States customers

1 December 2016

Our online store www.CeramicaFaenza.it brings artistic ceramics La Vecchia Faenza and Laura Silvagni to Italy and to United States.

A new Renaissance for the Faenza ceramic art

In the Renaissance, Faenza became famous for its ceramic art. Majolica produced in Faenza was successfully exported throughout Europe, so that “Faenza” and “tiled” have become synonymous in many languages, including French (faïence) and English (faience).

Armed with this glorious past, we propose the same goal now as then: bring our crafts in homes not only of Italians, but also of the Americans! We are aware that the market has become more fragmented and competitive, and also the clientele has changed: more careful and demanding, but also less willing to spend in the manner of a nobleman of the time. It’s funny to note how, in this scenario changed profoundly, we can bring the world a product radically traditional but eternal as our artistic ceramics thanks to modern sales channels, our e-commerce in the first place.

Because a ceramic art is forever

We at La Vecchia Faenza work in the wake of a centuries-old tradition, respecting the processing techniques that have made the famous ceramics of Faenza, not only for its beauty but also for its durability. Our ceramics preserved intact over time its splendor. This applies to both ornamental objects for ceramics for daily use, as some dishes, centerpieces, vases, but also cake tins, the umbrella stands, lamps, holy water fonts …

The technique and art

The secret of our ceramics has two faces: the technique, and art.

The technique is that of tiles, special fine white glaze with which to clothe the “biscuit” Terracotta. The majolica technique was invented in the East by the Arabs and arrived later in Europe and Italy in the tenth century, finding fully deployed only in the thirteenth century. The importance of majolica is huge because on the one hand allowed the ceramics waterproof, making it suitable to contain food and drink, the other has provided an optimal surface for the decorations.
Once the decoration the object undergoes curing at 920-940 ° C, during which vitrify the enamel along with the colors. The result is an object with a smooth surface and bright, very durable.

The art is the one of the Faenza tradition that, since the adoption of the majolica technique forward, was conspicuous by variety of styles, decorative imagination and skill of the craftsman. Each historical period has flourished in Faenza new styles, some of which have come down to us and you can see them well represented in our production of artistic ceramics. Recall that all our tiles are decorated by hand with traditional technique.

www.CeramicaFaenza.it, our showcase of majolica

italian pottery for sale to USA

Our production of artistic majolica is very wide, on our e-commerce you can find a small representative part of the different product categories and decorative styles:

Everything you see online is available for purchase. Many items are unique pieces, made only once with that particular form and decorum.
We left visible also the products sold; If you like something that is no longer for sale, contact us to order one: we will achieve it especially for you.
If you want to make changes or customize a ceramic, contact us: we will endeavor to fulfill your requests.

Every order is shipped carefully packed and boxed: we assure the delivery to United States in 7-10 working days.

For questions or inquiries please contact us freely, we will be glad to give you all the answers.