Take a trip to Faenza and learn about ceramics!

6 October 2012

Visit the workshop and showroom of Laura Silvagni “La Vecchia Faenza”

The summer is now over, what could be better in October and November, than a one-day or two-days trip to visit the beautiful town of Faenza ? After a satisfying lunch at one of the town’s many restaurants (where you can taste the exquisite wines produced in the surrounding hills), take your time to visit our workshop and shop Laura Silvagni “La Vecchia Faenza” where you can watch how the traditional hand-painted majolica is made.

un grande vasoThe traditional technique of Faenza, imported by the Arabs, dates back to the XII century.     Both terms “Majolica” and “Faience” identify the type of pottery manufactured by immerging  the clay shape in stanniferous white glaze.

We start our manufacture by removing all roughness from the pre-fired clay shape with sandpaper. Then, we dip it in the white glaze, and the item is ready to be decorated.

l'oggetto poroso assorbe la maiolicaWe drawn by hand  the design we want to paint on transparent paper and then we pierce it and use it to dust coal over the piece, so that a thin trace remains while painting, but is burned out in the kiln.

Now the piece is ready for colors! The colors are mineral powders diluted with water, applied by the painter entirely by hand, with small brushes.

The traditional designs from Faenza speak of our history and our ancestors,  and since the middle age, they keep their symbolic meaning of hope, love, devotion.

si disegna decoro Garofano colori sulla maiolica

All of this is the majolica from Faenza, the heritage left by our ancestors through their brushes.

al lavoro

If you come for a visit, we will be delighted to show you all its secrets!

We can show you how the pieces are prepared, painted and put in the kiln, and how the colors are made brighter by the firing. Then, you can admire hundreds of different pieces in our wide showroom, coming directly from the kiln’s room!

We’re in Via S. Ippolito 23/A. a few steps from the city historical center and very close to the bus station, where you can park the bus while visiting the shop.