We present the Historical Plates of our shop

13 April 2023

Spring brings a prestigious novelty for fans of our traditional ceramics: the Historical Plates of the Laura Silvani – La Vecchia Faenza workshops are here!

These are large, finely decorated ornamental plates, made over the more than 50-year history of our workshop. The first example – already included in our online shop – was painted in 2000 by Giovanni Pretolani, Laura Silvagni’s historic master.

dish decorated in Raphaelesque style inspired by a painting by Watteau

The plate, with a diameter of 61.5 cm, was shaped by hand, smooth and slightly bent at the bottom on the outside. It has a dance scene in the center inspired by the painting “Le Plaisir pastoral” by Jean-Antoine Watteau, while 6 cartouches with small figurines of children can be seen on the brim.

Note how the decorations harmoniously combine figures inspired by Raphaelesque with new elements designed by Pretolani.

All the remaining spaces are filled with the brush tip with the blue color.

detail of the Raphaelesque decoration historic plate 61cm
Detail of the decoration
historic plate signed by G. Pretolani for L. Silvagni
Plate signed on the back by the artist

Discover the plate “Le Plaisir pastoral” on our online shop

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