A travel to China to show the Majolica of Faenza

18 April 2014

An exhibition of excellent craftsmanship in Luoyang

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of April I had the honor of representing the excellence of traditional majolica from Faenza in Luoyang , China.

Thanks to an initiative of Eco Certificationi SpA of Faenza, following a request by the authorities of the province of Henan in China , a wonderful exhibition of Faenza’s ceramics was set up at the prestigious Museum of Luoyang, a city of about 7 million inhabitants.

The exhibition was organized as part of the celebrations of the 32nd edition of the Festival Of Peonies , a high-profile event that every year attracts thousands of visitors to Luoyang . It was attended by important representatives of Italian institutions : the Embassy of  Italy in Beijing, the Italo-Chinese Research Center ” Luoyang Sino-Italian Science Park “,  the Polytechnic of Turin , and the company Eco Certificationi SpA of Faenza.

Inauguration of the exhibition in Luoyang - chinese and italian authoritiesInauguration of the exhibition in Luoyang - signature of the official posterInauguration of the exhibition in Luoyang - the mayor (and artist) Mr. Wang offers us one of his paintingsMuseum of Luoyang - posters in the main hall

Painting on majolica arouses great enthusiasm in China

Besides the exhibition of several traditional ceramics of Faenza (all of very high-quality) Eco Certificationi SpA,  in collaboration with CNA of Faenza, has made my presence ​​possible!

For three days I was able to make a practical demonstration of painting on majolica, in front of hundreds of curious visitors , expert Chinese potters , as well as local authorities.

They all showed great interest and enthusiasm for the event : I was always surrounded by many people , overwhelmed  by questions and I was the target  of hundreds of photos that quickly were shared through social networks and newspapers.

I decided to paint a plate in Raffaellesco style,  to show how the traditional majolica from Faenza requires a high precision both in designing and in painting  with fine brush strokes.
At the end of the third day,  I dedicated the plate to the city of Luoyang, which welcomed us warmly as guests of honor.

Laura Silvagni painting during the exhibition in Luoyang Laura Silvagni painting during the exhibition in Luoyang Laura Silvagni painting during the exhibition in Luoyang Laura Silvagni painting during the exhibition in Luoyang Dedication of the plate to Luoyang Italian ceramic in Luoyang - article on a chinese website

Ceramics : an international language

In addition, to pay homage to the Peony , the flower symbol of China that blooms in April in the many gardens of Luoyang (to admire its blossoming they arrive from very far away!) I painted some plates with Peonies of different colors. It was enough to lay a couple of strokes that everyone recognized their beloved flower !

The plates that I painted will be fired by Guo Aihe , an important  local ceramic artist (he exhibited at the Expo in Shanghai in 2010) . We visited his workshop and showroom, and he wanted to meet us in person. In fact, Luoyang has an ancient tradition of pottery, whose best-known technique is called ” tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty .” At the Museum there are several beautiful examples of this craftsmanship.
I can definitely say that this trip to China has been a personal and professional exceptional experience. The recognition I received by the organizers , the authorities, and by all the visitors is a confirmation that the high-quality craftsmanship speaks a universal language that overcomes geographical, linguistic and cultural barriers.

Peonies painted in Luoyang Peonies painted in Luoyang Garden of Peonies in LuoyangGarden of Peonies in LuoyangMeeting with the ceramist Guo Aihe in LuoyangTri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty - Luoyang