Argillà Italia is back: we are waiting for you on 2, 3 and 4 September in Faenza!

24 August 2022

Overview of Piazza del Popolo (Faenza) during an edition of Argillà

Four years after the last edition, Argillà Italy returns to Faenza: on 2, 3 and 4 September 2022 the International Ceramics Festival and Market Exhibition fills the streets of the historic center with numerous exhibitions and events involving the whole city.

Great protagonist of Argillà will be the Exhibition of artistic and handcrafted ceramics, in which we too will participate together with potters from all over the world (29 nations are represented).

stand of La Vecchia Faenza at Argillà Faenza 2018

In addition to the stand and in our shops, some ceramics signed by La Vecchia Faenza will be part of two exhibitions:

  • Faenza majolica in the paintings of the Pinacoteca, a guided tour of ancient paintings in which Faenza majolica is inserted. Reservation recommended: click here for info and viewing hours
  • People of Romagna: the essence of Romagna expressed in the works of the Romagna artist Romano Buratti, in the canvases of the Pascucci 1826 printing house in Gambettola and in the ceramics of the artists and artisans of Faenza. Click here for info and visiting hours

Noteworthy is the reopening of the Palazzo del Podestà which, after the restoration, will host some interesting exhibitions.

The complete calendar of events can be consulted on the Argillà Italia website – Events section.

(In the photo above: Piazza del Popolo in Faenza during Argillà. Photo by Cinzia Sartoni – CC BY-SA 4.0Wikimedia Commons)