Ceramic gift ideas: our proposals for Christmas

19 October 2022

We are in the middle of autumn, even if the days seem more like late summer, and for us potters the time has already come to think about Christmas. We know well that with 25 degrees and a beautiful sun in the sky the idea of Christmas, perhaps with snow, is not the first that crosses your mind, but the work of the ceramist has its own rhythms, unchanged over the centuries, and the decoration takes a long time, even on a creative and organizational level.

So here we are, ready with the first ceramic gift ideas. We present them to you in compositions divided by decoration with a small themed setting.

We remind you that this is only a small part of the many gift ideas we have in our shops. Come and visit us in the shop to see the complete collection of traditional Faenza ceramics.

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Gift ideas with Pomegranate decoration

Gift ideas in Faenza ceramic, Pomegranate decoration

The Melograno decoration is one of the last born of the traditional decorations of Faenza: it was born “only” in the 1920s and presents elements of Art Decò together with Mediterranean motifs, all embellished with pure gold brushstrokes that give brightness and prestige to the majolica.

In this composition we see a very elaborate ceramic centerpiece, different types of boxes – also in the shape of wedding favors – a lady and a bell.

Gift ideas with Pavona decoration

The Peacock’s Eye decoration, called Pavona, features the bright colors of the peacock’s feather and is particularly linked to the Faenza imaginary due to the love story between the Ferrara nobleman Cassandra Pavoni and Galeotto Manfredi, lord of Faenza.

In the photo a selection of objects for the home and office: wall clock, pen holder, letter holder and desk jar.

Gift ideas with Persian Palmette decoration

gift ideas in Faenza ceramic, Persian Palmette decoration

Decoration of oriental origin, as the name testifies, the Persian Palmette is inspired by the themes of oriental fabrics and presents in the foreground a flower with petals resembling a pine cone. The Persian Palmettae of Faenza stands out for its roundness, evident in the Rosettes.

Gift ideas with Compendiary decoration

Gift ideas with Compendiary decoration, faience ceramics, Christmas gifts 2022

The Compendiary style, conceived in Faenza in the sixteenth century, is a type of ceramic painting that prefers light and stylized representations. The Bianchi di Faenza became famous (16th and 17th centuries), majolica objects decorated, in fact, in Compendiary style.

In this composition we see a cup, a stand, a jug and a putto, but also a Christmas ball decorated with Palmetta.

Gift ideas with Acorn decoration

Gift ideas with Acorn decoration, faience ceramics, Christmas gifts 2022

The Acorn decoration was widespread in Faenza between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, when it was chosen especially for refined table services. Since then it has become part of the traditional decorations of Faenza ceramics. It is a decoration with lines and a neoclassical flavour, which features festoons, garlands and meanders as well as the fruit of the acorn.

Here we see it on a vase with lid and two coffee cups with their respective saucers. A Pavona Christmas ball intrudes into the composition.

Gift ideas with Vine Leaf decoration

gift ideas for christmas in ceramic vine leaf

The Vine Leaf is a Faenza decoration with a neoclassical taste which is characterized by the two opposite leaves painted in shades of green. A refined simplicity decoration, widely used to decorate tableware. In the photo we present a ladle holder, a plate with a rooster in the center, a mug and other everyday objects.