Our Pottery in the Basement of the Monumental Fountain of Faenza

2 July 2018

On the occasion of the Summer Tuesdays in Faenza, we participate in the initiative of the “Amici della Fontana” association that on Tuesday 3 and Tuesday 17 July will accompany the public in the basement of the Monumental Fountain of Piazza del Popolo, to discover the mechanisms that make the source. In this ancient and suggestive place we have placed one of our “historical” pieces: a large raphalesque plate created in collaboration with Giovanni Pretolani.

the Raphael style dish of La Vecchia Faenza placed between the gears of the Fontana Monumentale of Faenza

The entrance to the fountain will be open from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm through the staircase next to the window of the Benini Jewelery.

This 75 cm diameter Raphaelite dish, which is part of our historical collection, has been chosen for its colors, which recall and together stand out in the underground environment.

our plate under the Monumental Fountain of Faenza

The Monumental Fountain of Faenza, from a drinking fountain to a city symbol

The Monumental Fountain of Piazza del Popolo in Faenza is one of the most important monuments of the city of Romagna. Originally it had the task of bringing drinking water to the center of Faenza, the arrival point of a terracotta aqueduct designed in 1583 by the pontifical architect friar Domenico Paganelli, formerly superintendent of the Faenza Cathedral factory, and completed in 1621 by the architect Castelli. Today, closed recirculation water flows from the fountain, so it is no longer drinkable.

The fountain is enriched with sculptures of precise symbolism: eagles and dragons are the heraldic animals of Pope Paul V – Camillo Borghese, in particular of his family, while the three rampant lions refer to the city coat of arms.

the Monumental Fountain of Faenza

the rampant lions of the monumental fountain of Faenza, a city symbol