Summer in Riviera Romagnola: Faenza and its artistic Ceramics

15 June 2013

Romagna: the sea, the beaches, arts and crafts…

It ‘s finally summer here and like every year the Adriatic coast welcomes you with its golden beaches that offer countless opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and sports.

But the Romagna’s summer is not just sea and sand! The towns along the coast in fact propose thematic evenings of good food, culture and tradition.

La Vecchia Faenza – Laura Silvagni will be attending events in Cervia and Milano Marittima  in the months of June and July.

Cervia, the ancient “City of Salt”, where nature and history come together to create a beautiful setting for relaxing evening walks, proposes  “Cervia by Candlelight”. Every Tuesday evening in June and July, the historic center of Cervia becomes a outdoor theater,  where you can admire examples of local craftsmanship, accompanied by live music performances.

Milano Marittima, the fashionable resort on the coast, proposes its guests a pleasant walk in the city center every Wednesday night, under the banner of high-quality arts and crafs.

We will be present at both events: we will be painting on site to show you how to produce ceramics of Faenza, and you will see several hand-painted examples of our vast production!

Pesci in ceramica dipinti a mano

Cervia di seraSoli in ceramica dipinti a mano

Faenza, “the town of ceramics” near the Adriatic Sea

If you are in the Romagna Riviera for a holiday on the beach, do not miss the chance to take a trip in the hinterland: the rolling hills of the horizon will accompany your journey towards Faenza, the ideal destination for a day in the name of art!

In Faenza you can visit the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, the Cathedral, the Monumental Fountain, you can walk along the ancient walls, and admire splendid examples of Romanesque architecture, such as the Church of the Commenda. Finally, you can be amazed by the beautiful frescoes of the National Museum of the Neoclassical Art in Palazzo Milzetti.

La Vecchia Faenza – Laura Silvagni will welcome you with pleasure in its big workshop and shop, where we will show you the entire process of production of ceramics of Faenza, from decoration to firing ! In our shops you can admire a vast exhibition of vases, bowls, ornamental plates, centerpieces, ideal to decorate your homes, but also smaller items, perfect as a reminder of Faenza: pendants, boxes, little animals.  All are  fully shaped and painted by hand in our workshop!

Maioliche di Faenza in stile Pavona

Faenza - Piazza del PopoloMaioliche di Faenza in stile Garofano