The Ceramics Museum of Faenza, a treasure to be discovered

5 July 2019

Ceramics have been produced in Faenza since the Middle Ages, but it is from the late fifteenth century, when the majolica technique reaches perfection, that decorations inspired by the Byzantine world, Arab culture and the Middle and Far East are developed. Faenza’s Renaissance decorations – the same that we produce in our shops even today – have become famous all over the world, bringing the name of Faenza to become synonymous with majolica.

The majolica of Faenza therefore has a long history that survives in the many shops of potters still working in Faenza, and is preserved in the International Museum of Ceramics – MIC.

MIC – International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza

International Museum of Ceramics - MIC

The MIC is among the main points of artistic and historical interest of the city of Faenza, as well as probably the most important museum of ceramic art in the world. Founded in 1908, its ceramics collection has grown over time thanks to the efforts of Gaetano Ballardini, director of the MIC until 1953.

Today the MIC houses numerous themed collections of ceramics: in addition to the Italian and Faenza collections, there are itineraries dedicated to pre-Columbian, Far Eastern, Islamic, European ceramics, sacred and devotional ceramics.

The Miquel Barceló Exhibition

Periodically, the Ceramics Museum organizes temporary exhibitions dedicated to an artist or a specific theme. Today, and up to 6 October, you can visit the Miquel Barceló exhibition, the first Italian retrospective dedicated to contemporary Spanish. The exhibition is particularly interesting because Barceló is personally involved: the artist has created an installation that puts his works in dialogue with the faentine ceramics section of the MIC.

the Miquel Barceló exhibition in Faenza

As you will have understood, if you pass by Faenza you cannot miss our International Museum of Ceramics. After having made a culture about the history of majolica and the new contemporary trends, all you have to do is look with your own eyes where the artistic ceramics of Faenza are born: book a free visit to our ceramics workshop, see the ceramists at work and the various steps that transform the biscuit (the clay after the first firing) into artistic ceramics.

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