Our lady of fire of forlì madonna della seggiola Our Lady of Graces of Faenza The Virgin with the grapes

When a large part of the population lived in the land or breeding livestock, hail, drought and disease had only one “insurance”: Sunday prayer in the church, Mass and Vespers, and every day before and after the work in the fields, in front of a sacred image.

Losing a crop meant starving for a year. In the days before wheat harvest, the Madonna della Spiga (Our Lady of Ear) was praying. To invoke a good harvest, they wax candles in front of the Madonna dell’Uva (Our Lady of Grapes).

Thus, the Madonnines, the Majesties, the chapels and the pillars are brought to the crossroads of the streets or in front of the houses. In front of them, the rosary was performed in the evenings of May, without having to reach a distant church after a day of effort.

They are images inspired by the great painters of the past, sometimes interpreted with great simplicity. Our Hand-painted Art Ceramic Madonnas adhere to this tradition. Some are models that come to us since the nineteenth century, old molds of jovially preserved chalk.

We paint them with the bright colors of majolica, for moments of devotion but also as “company” for the bedroom of young spouses, or with delicate colors to watch the children’s sleep.

We have a wide assortment: each of these images has a story to tell.

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