Romagna, a winter full of culture: 3 ideas in Forlì, Ravenna and Faenza

28 January 2020

In this second part of winter, when splendid sunny days alternate with cold and foggy days, Romagna offers very interesting cultural events. Among the many, we selected three, in Faenza, Forlì and Ravenna.

Before or after each visit, we invite you to discover the traditional artistic ceramics of Faenza in our shop in via Sant’Ippolito 23 / A, where you can also see the different stages of production  in our workshop. The laboratory can be visited during shop opening hours; for visits of large groups reservations are appreciated.

“Ulysses. Art and myth” at the San Domenico Museums in Forlì

mostra "Ulisse. L'arte e il mito" a Forlì

From 15 February to 21 June 2020 the San Domenico Museums of Forlì host the exhibition “Ulysses. Art and myth”. The exhibition is an emotional itinerary to discover Ulysses and his myth, which has dominated the culture of the Mediterranean area for three thousand years and today is universal. The exhibition displays 200 masterpieces from the ancient age to the twentieth century: 50 sculptures, 150 paintings and…1 horse.

For more information www.ulissepromo.pagedemo.co

Classis Ravenna – Museum of the City and Territory of Ravenna

Classis - Museo della Città e del Territorio di Ravenna

A few steps from the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, in the former sugar factory of Classe, visitors can now find “Classis Ravenna – City and Territory Museum”. Classis Ravenna offers a different approach to the history of one of the most important European cities, a Unesco Site for its early Christian monuments.

Following the course of time, it traces the history of Ravenna from the Etruscan-Umbrian origins to Roman antiquity, from the Goth and Byzantine phases to the early Middle Ages. For more information www.classisravenna.it

“Picasso. The ceramic challenge” at MIC in Faenza

mostra picasso 50 ceramiche al MIC di faenza
50 ceramics made by the great Spanish artist are on display at the International Ceramics Museum of Faenza until April 13, 2020. More information here »